Ferma background

Airmic will reinforce FERMA’s newly expressed strategic vision of “a world where risk management is embedded in the business model and culture of organisations” by presenting a J Graham resized 2workshop on risk leadership at the 2016 FERMA Seminar. CEO John Hurrell and Deputy CEO Julia Graham will lead the presentation at the seminar which will take place on 3-4 October in Malta.

According to Ms Graham, they will focus on how risk management can be embedded in the business model of the organisation and the importance of risk culture and the profiling of risk culture as part of this process.

“Chairmen and their boards recognise the scale of their challenge and the requirement for support and expertise to help them understand their rapidly changing risk profiles. There is an opportunity for risk managers to provide this support,” she said. She and John Hurrell will introduce models, tools and techniques designed for the risk manager developed in partnership with colleagues from other professions and in consultation with those who have a seat at the boardroom table.