Ferma background

Adri van der Waart, Corporate Insurance Manager at Arcadis in the Netherlands, will be one of the leaders of the risk managers only session on resilience and business continuity at the FERMA Seminar on 3 October. He says:

NARIM Congres 2014, De Fabrique Maarssen, 15 mei 2014, foto; Robert Tjalondo; website rockinpictures.com.

Every business will have a failure, or the need to change at some time; it is how you respond that makes the difference.

Today’s pressure on budgets means there is little margin in the system to soak up errors, or even the spare capacity that may have been used to go after new opportunities. Making businesses resilient so that risks that do manifest themselves have the least impact on business continuity has become even more important.
In our session at the Seminar, FERMA board Member Ralph Mulder, James Crask of PwC and I will tackle questions such as:

• What is your definition of resilience – is it to bounce back, or is it more?
• How best do you enhance your organisation’s resilience?
• When do you know you have reached your resilience goal?
• Where role does business continuity play and how should this be integrated into governance arrangements?

Clearly, having good risk management and recovery plans is the starting point for organisation resilience, but for me, there is a crucial added element. As we call it in the Netherlands: ‘Vitamin R’. It comes from building relationships across the organisation and with your advisers, so you can adapt to shocks and other changes, and evolve into a stronger organisation.

To me, this is an important reason to attend events like the FERMA Seminar and the FERMA Forum. You reinforce your contacts and make new ones. In that way, you are not ringing the switchboard to ask for the right department when you think you have a problem.

Join us in Malta for this important discussion.