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Cyber Security Risk – Quo Vadis Risk management & Insurance Market?

October 04, 2016 15:15 to 16:15 Grand Master Suite

Cyber Security Risk is not a new major threat to businesses. However, digitalization, technology and related risks such as Intellectual Property, Reputational or Branding Risk are intangible, rather abstract and often the new territory for risk managers – until a severe incident occurs. Grasping the idea of digitalization and disruptive technology is crucial if your organization, enterprise or corporation is to prosper and not just to bleed.

Our interactive workshop focuses on artificial intelligence based on real incident simulation, a powerful combination to help participants achieve a bespoke organization, enterprise and corporation understanding and alignment – and points out ways to address the relevance of fundamental questions such as:

  • Which attacks are most likely and what are the potential impacts?
  • Are there the appropriate capacities, capabilities and the right strategy to defend strategically and operationally against such attacks?
  • How can you help top management understand their fiduciary duties concerning Cyber Security Exposure?
  • What are recovery capacities, what is most valuable and what is most vulnerable?
  • What value can bespoke risk transfer bring to the table?
  • Wher can pitfalls lay in the claims process?

Digitalization triggers unparalleled change and challenges. Often emerging technology (e.g artificial intelligence) is faster advancing than governments, regulators, insurers and corporations can foresee and react resulting into massive uncertainties, potential liabilities, intellectual property or unprecedented security, date privacy and intangible assets (brand/reputation/theft) issues. Foreseeing such change is no longer something that can be left to organizations, enterprises and corporations risks, legal and IT security teams independently.  It is fundamental to understand and appreciate both risks and opportunities accross the wider organization and collaboratively, most important on board level and in a holistic form.

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